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 Lori Higgins embraces and captures the emotions and feelings of her subjects' spirit. A popular Hawaiian artist, Higgins embraces not only the strong female spirit in her work, but the Hawaiian "mana" for which she is most acclaimed. Through oil paint, pastels, and sculpture clay, Lori's creative endeavors surpass expectations and touch something in ourselves that can be cherished over and over again.

"My pieces typically embrace the power of the female spirit, and many of my subjects are looking up and out, away from the material world and toward the spiritual. I like to use sepia tones in some pieces to give them a more timeless, placeless feel. My subjects are not portraits per se, as I try to keep their personality out so they don't look like someone specific, allowing the viewer to look past the subject and see or feel the emotion and spirit of the piece instead."

Spirit of Aloha in Bronze 15"

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