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Before he passed away tragically in December of 1997, Chris had created hundreds of limited edition bronze sculptures and one of a kind fabricated pieces on a variety of themes, from nautical and maritime themes to covered wagons to miniature mailboxes.

An avid model-maker as a boy, Chris was drawn to the three-dimensional medium of sculpture. Chris first felt the allure of the sea when he visited New England as a child. After a brief apprenticeship, he met and married his "bride" Nancy and set out on his own in 1973. By 1976, his name was becoming known in collector's circles and he was creating commissioned pieces for the annual World Offshore Technology Conferences at Houston's Astrodome, the largest trade show in the world. His work reflects a life-long fascination with the real and imaginary inhabitants of the sea.

His bronze sculptures were featured for many years, starting in 1987, at the Maui Marine Art Expo benefitting the Cousteau Society. His work was selected to be shown at the opening of the Cousteau Parc Oceanique in Paris. One of his pieces was also displayed on Cousteau's Calypso. Christopher Bell's work has also been included in the prestigious "Mystic 100" and "Mystic International" at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.

His work is included in collections in Europe, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Private collectors of his work include such well-known public figures as Allen Funt, Billy Graham and Reggie Jackson. 

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