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Lori Higgins - Artist Statement

"My pieces typically embrace the power of the female spirit, and many of my subjects are looking up and out, away from the material world and toward the spiritual. I like to use sepia tones in some pieces to give them a more timeless, placeless feel. My subjects are not portraits per se, as I try to keep their personality out so they don't look like someone specific, allowing the viewer to look past the subject and see or feel the emotion and spirit of the piece instead.

Through Hawaiian and Southwestern themes, and the realms in between, I explore through paint and clay how to make the human figure touch the viewer on a spiritual level regardless of the theme (although the Hawaiian mana has always drawn me). That challenge of bringing a blank canvas or slab of clay to life has become my passion and that "purpose" I had always sought."

— Lori Higgins

Lori Higgins in her studio on Maui, Hawaii

     The Dancer & Spirit of Aloha
Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures Signed & numbered.
            Please inquire for pricing & availability

The Dancer by Lori Higgins capturing the beauty & soul of the Hula Dance
The Dancer By Lori Higgins Limited Edition Bronze of 4
Spirit of Aloha By Lori Higgins limited edition bronze avialable in a 15" and one avialble in 2/3rds and  Life Size

Lori Higgins - Biography

Born in Annapolis, MD, and raised on the East Coast, Lori Higgins is the oldest of 4 children from mother Wendy Eidson Higgins and USN Captain William F. Higgins (and former FBI special agent), and 2 half siblings with stepmother Barbara Corcoran (most known for her role on "Shark Tank"). Lori spent many years living with her grandmother, Marion West Higgins (the first woman acting governor of New Jersey) and Lori's grandfather was James E. West, one of the co-founders of the Boy Scouts of America. Lori started showing talent in art at a very young age, a talent her mother always encouraged and at age 10, she took took her only painting class with a local oil painter. However that seed planted didn't start budding until much later in life. After high school in NJ, Lori attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia studying graphic design for a year.

She then spent the following year traveling around the country and Mexico, living out of the back of her VW. She ended up attending University in Germany & England, receiving her degree in Psychology.

Following graduation, her adventurous spirit and compulsion to contribute to the world, pushed her to join a British humanitarian aid organization which helped to bring relief into war-torn Bosnia in 1994. What started out as a brief volunteer job, turned into a year long sojourn of driving aid convoys, smuggling supplies and refugees across the front lines. Lori witnessed danger, death, and destruction unlike anything many of us will ever see. She also experienced the extreme opposing forces of human nature, ones of pure love, compassion, camaraderie, and empathy.

After returning to the US, Lori was more determined than ever to find her true purpose in life. Jobs, from working a Park Ave position at Bloomberg, to bartending, to teaching scuba whilst traveling throughout Central America, were just fleeting gigs in a world of endless running from the memories of her experiences. On her way to Micronesia in 1997, Lori made an unscheduled stop in Maui. The island reached out and grabbed her like no other place had ever done. Her spirit was soothed and that sense of purpose was drawing her in.

The one thing that had remained constant in Lori's life was the craving to create something of substance. Now she was in the right time and place for it to flourish. Lori was at a young enough age with an incredible amount of life experience under her belt to actually create and cultivate something of significance. It actually wasn't until a trip to Tibet later that year that she truly realized the significance of her artistic talent. The seed planted at the age of ten started to bud and Lori began to paint in earnest. Self taught, through discipline and the supportive encouragement of her mother, she devoted every day to developing her talent, skill, and spiritual growth.

After successfully selling her art on Front St in Lahaina, Maui, Lori acquired one of the galleries she had been showing in. From 2003 through 2012, she and her business partner at the time, built a successful gallery (Higgins Harte International) representing local, international, and celebrity artists. In 2011 she left the "art business" in order to focus on her own art career, this time challenging herself to create in the three dimensional. She began sculpting with "Spirit of Aloha." Having never been trained in the sculpting process, it took a couple of years to complete the life size woman in clay and then have it cast in bronze. Finding a foundry in Prescott, AZ, she really liked, Lori moved there and went on sculpting a medium and smaller size. She has recently completed sculpting her current pièce de résistance: The Dancer.

Coast Gallery Arts is honored to represent the art of Lori Higgins, featuring the spiritual and beautiful Higgins fine art originals and fine art giclee prints that are each individually hand embellished, signed and numbered by Lori. I first discovered Lori Higgins art while living on Maui in the late 1990’s, at that time she was painting mainly the Fairy Series and then started into the Hawaiiana Series, which captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. We became good friends over the years, we golfed, swam in the warm waters on Maui, traveled and shared precious Holidays together at each other's homes. Lori has such a gift of capturing the soul and magic in her paintings and sculptures regardless of the subject. Each capturing a heart and soul of their own. Coast Gallery Arts is your place to collect Lori Higgins art for sale. We offer all artwork unframed or framed, each limited edition print is available in various sizes. We will work with your framer of choice or refer a framer in your area. Your happiness and satisfaction with your purchase is our priority at Coast Gallery Arts. Coast Gallery Arts is the place to enrich your life and home with beautiful artwork. “Art For the Home & Soul”

~ “Art Heals” ~

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