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Iris's by Darryl Trott
Poppies by Darryl Trott
Darryl Trott

DARRYL TROTT 1942-2004

“But why flowers?” Darryl Trott was often asked by people when they learn that he is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed floral watercolorist. Trott is quick to explain that his predilection for flowers was probably nurtured by his childhood in Australia. “It was nothing for me to walk out my front door on the way to the grocery store and pass fifty varieties of blooming flowers . . . I loved them all, and loved to draw them.”

It would be, however, thirty more years before his childhood love of flowers and art were brought to the surface by Ruth Tuck, a great Australian floral artist and teacher. A sell-out exhibition at a major art gallery in Adelaide, Australia in 1977, followed by an equally successful trip to the United States, and it was clear that Darryl Trott’s destiny lay in painting.

Trott achieves a feel and flow with his watercolors that no other medium comes close to. His paintings are definitely unlike most other florals. Fragile, crisp, almost shimmering with vivid coloration, his watercolors speak in a artistic language all their own.

Darryl Trott’s is a world of flowers. He loved painting Hibiscus in Tahiti, Magnolias in Louisiana, and Roses in England. He has painted wild flowers for Lady Bird Johnson, tulips for Queen Beatrix of Holland, and Irises for the American Iris Society who selected him as the first artist to be commissioned in its 65-year existence.

Not confined, as many artists are, by language and location, Trott has achieved international recognition.

“The important thing about my work is the universal subject matter. Flowers transfer across oceans . . . no matter what country I paint in, people can relate to these florals,” says Trott.

I first met Darryl Trott in the early 1990’s in Wailea, while he was vacationing. He showed me his portfolio and I was speechless. The vibrance and energy of his paintings took my breath away. Darryl Trott floral art prints and originals soon became my number one selling artist. Darryl would paint often from photos he took personally or just from his memory with no visual as reference. . Darryl loved flowers and their energy, I guess this is one reason he captured them so magnificently in his paintings, one could smell their essence. It is often talked about the energy and power of flowers….being around Darryl’s paintings of flowers certainly brings energy and yet a calmness to one like when you walk into a  beautiful garden. It is hard to pick a favorite so often collectors will collect several of his paintings or prints.  Antique Darryl Trott flower paintings can be found in the secondary market very rarely. I do have limited edition fine art prints on a heavy archival paper that were published in Australia, they are signed and numbered by Darryl himself prior to his passing. Darryl had a fondness for handmade art pottery collectibles and Tahoe photography art gallery. Darryl’s passing was a shock and he is missed but his love for flowers forever lives on in his artwork and in the homes of collectors worldwide. "Art For the Home & Soul"



'The Power Of Flowers" has been talked about forever it seems. For me there is nothing more calming than walking thru a beautiful garden, stopping along the way to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.  We live in a hectic world at times and for myself flowers raise my spirits and bring me to a place of peace & happiness......Bring some flowers to your home and feel their uplifting frequency whether alive or forever on the walls of your home......better yet ......"Why not do both"?

All prints are limited editions of 600 or 950 and were signed by Darryl prior to his passing.

Sabrina Davis & Darryl Trott Maui, Hawaii

Darryl Trott & Sabrina Davis Wailea, Maui many years ago at one of his art shows.

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